Make Your Own Very Strange Creature


What if the creature in this story really did have a monkey’s tail, an elephant’s trunk, a giraffe’s neck, a frog’s legs and a lion’s fur? It might look something like my Girelifronkey below! What kind of crazy creature can you come up with? It could be made up from parts of different animals, people, aliens, monsters… or even inanimate objects. Use your imagination and make your creature as strange as you like! What does it look like? What will you call it? What can your creature do? You can tell everyone about it on this downloadable sheet… A Very Strange Creature Activity

Here are two different ways to make a strange creature:

1. Build a Junk Model

Have you ever looked at a bottle or a carton and thought – ‘Hey, that looks like something else!’? That’s always happening to me. For instance, I looked at a small plastic milk bottle turned on its side and imagined it could be an elephant’s head. That was the beginning of my Very Strange Creature Junk Model. You can recycle junk to make all kinds of interesting things. Click here to see pictures of how I made the Girelifronkey, and here to see some more strange creatures made by year 3.

Junk Model

2. Play a game of Drawing Consequences

  1. Take a sheet of plain paper and draw a head near the top of the page, then fold the paper over so that only the very bottom of the neck is showing.
  2. Get a friend to draw a body, joined to where your neck drawing finished. Ask them to fold the paper over again, so you can’t see what they drew.
  3. Repeat drawing and folding for the legs and then the feet, taking it in turns and remembering not to peek at each other’s drawing.
  4. When the feet are finished, unfold your drawing with your friend and admire your very own Strange Creature! Whatever can it be?
drawing consequences