My First Milestones Pre-school Activities Sheets

Click on the black and white images at the bottom of the page to download printable activity sheets. Based on My First Milestones picture books, written by Amber Stewart and illustrated by me, Layn Marlow.


As you’ll see, these sheets are not just for colouring in! There’s a space on each one for children to make their own picture – but they may need help. Here are some ideas you could try, even if fingers are too little to handle a pencil.

Printing – Using washable paint you could try printing with all kinds of objects; a cut vegetable, the end of a straw, the footprints of a toy figure, or even just fingers. ideas for printing activity

Stamping – You could make your own stamp by gluing a foam shape to the bottom of a cotton reel or a cork. If you don’t have a stamping pad, try making one from a piece of sponge and washable ink or food colouring.


ideas for stamping activity
Gluing –Many household objects and scraps could be good for collage – wool, string, cake cases, doilies, pasta, rice, beads, cotton wool, fruit netting, sweet wrappers, whatever comes to hand. All you really need to buy is a trusty glue stick.


ideas for gluing activity Choosing – Pictures from old magazines and catalogues can be used to make a collage – whether children are old enough to use scissors, or you do the cutting out for them. choosing images from magazines
Tearing – Tiny pieces of wrapping paper or tissue can be stuck down to make a colourful pattern. ideas for tearing activity Imagining – A circle of coloured paper could represent many things: a wheel, a biscuit, a ball or even a burger. If your child is a talker, you could chat about all kinds of ideas!

Have fun – of course, that’s the main thing!


MFM-Berries-are-Best-Pre-school-activity-sheet MFM-I-Need-My-Blankie-Pre-school-activity-sheet MFM-My-First-Day-Pre-school-activity-sheet