Where have you been?

Move girl with snail col 72 dpi 710 px wide

Oh, the shame! I’m sorry, blog. I’ve neglected you to a shocking degree. Yes, I did move house, but that’s no excuse really. Even allowing for the fact that I’m responsible for a book entitled Hurry Up and Slow Down ,

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Snow at last!

My snowman not yet smiling for blog

Until this weekend, we’d had no snow in my area for TWO WHOLE YEARS! Even without the daunting concern of climate change, I’ve had a personal reason to notice this fact.

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The Return of the Rodent

Squirrel blog post 1

Maybe I should be concerned when the boundary between fiction and reality seems to blur. Remember that little squirrel from a couple of earlier posts? Well, right now I really do feel as though I need to have a word with him. So anyway… um… I’ve decided to just go with it…

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A Dream of a Job

DKS start of work

Ever been offered a job that’s just so perfect, you have to pinch yourself? I could hardly believe it when, a couple of months ago, I was asked if I’d be interested in illustrating the official website for amazing children’s author, Dick King-Smith…

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My Ice Bucket Dilemma – please text ICED55 £5 (or your chosen amount) to 70070

Ice bucket doodle

Last night I was nominated to take part in the ice bucket doodle challenge, meaning I had to make a donation to MND, produce a drawing within 24 (or 48?) hours, and nominate 3 more illustrators to carry on the challenge tomorrow. Well, I really wanted to take part – it’s a good cause, and it’s been fun looking at the doodles by other artists. In spite of a packed day, I’ve managed to squeeze in this (M)ice bucket doodle… but now I’m in a quandary. Do I really want to inflict a deadline on any of my illustrator friends?

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Being a Pencil Nerd

Pencil mouse for blog

I’ve been playing with pencils at the fabulous Pencil Museum in Keswick. I think this is one of my favourite places on earth…

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Inspiring Africa

chalk question for blog

I’ve just made my first ever visit to Africa – ‘Amazing Africa’

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Inventing a problem

squirrel sees dog

Meanwhile, back in Sketchbookland… Remember that game little roly-polying squirrel from my December post? Well today he came scribbling out of my pencil again, only now he has A PROBLEM.

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No Animals Were Harmed in the Making of this Blog Post


This probably sounds loopy, but I still get a bit excited when a new character begins to emerge from my scribbles… and starts sort of… speaking! I have to be careful not to get carried away though. Who knows where

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Taking the blog for a walk


It’s my dog’s birthday and to celebrate, I thought I’d do my first ever blog post! When my eldest child left home, I did the obvious thing and replaced him with a Border Terrier named Rufus. He didn’t seem to

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