Too Small for My Big Bed
Amber Stewart and Layn Marlow
Oxford University Press 2013
ISBN: 9780192758408 (hardback)
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‘In the deep dark night,’ he whispered, ‘my bed feels too big.’ ‘It’s not as big as my bed’ said Mummy gently. ‘But when I climb into your bed, Mummy,’ said Piper, ‘you are near to take away the bigness.’

All day long, Piper loves to pounce and climb and do things all by himself. But when the little tiger wakes in the deep dark night… suddenly he no longer wants to be all by himself. How can Mummy help him to sleep in his own bed the whole night through?

Too Small for My Big Bed

Winner of the inaugural Geoffrey Trease Prize for Children's Books - East Midlands 2014 Shortlisted for the Rotherham Children's Book Awards - UK 2014

Piper the tiger cub is adventurous and bold, except at night, when he insists on creeping in to sleep with tired mum. His bed, he says, feels too big when he is alone. But her calm patience prevails as she convinces him that you don't have to see someone to feel their love keeping you safe. This is a beautifully illustrated (the sleeping Piper will melt your heart) story about growing up... For frazzled parents whose toddler wanders into their bedroom every night, this book could be a lifeline. The Irish Daily Mail, 19 April 2013

Layn Marlow’s illustrations are stunning. The tigers’ faces are full of emotion and the landscape is warm and colorful. Just like human parents, mommy tiger knows that if her cub is to survive he must learn to be independent. - Portland Book Review (reviewing US edition Sleep Tight Tonight!)

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