It’s good to get out and meet people! If you would like me to visit your school, pre-school, library, or book event, please contact me here:

For children aged 3 to 6

I base visits on the themes of my picture books and try to encourage children to identify with the characters in the stories. Whether written by myself or by one of the superb authors with whom I’ve been privileged to collaborate, the books all explore important subjects in the lives of small children, such as being sensitive to the needs of a friend, or being brave enough to try new things.

Each session usually involves drawing and storytelling, as well as some dancing or simple imaginative play, to give everyone the chance to move about. I also like to allow time to do a craft activity, so that children can make a fun memento to take away with them. At the end of the visit, I’m very happy to do book-signings.

For older children and adults

I enjoy talking about all aspects of writing and illustrating picture books, whether it’s how to set about drawing a particular animal, or the complexities of matching illustrative style to narrative voice. I will also run art or craft sessions if requested.  Please feel free to discuss with me in advance, any ideas for making each visit as relevant and enjoyable as possible to the audience.

“Layn Marlow’s Bug and Bear story and craft session had the children (and grown-ups) entranced. Layn is a talented illustrator and delightful workshop leader.” Nikki Gamble, Owner-manager of Just Imagine Children’s Bookshop, Essex

“Layn provided a wonderful literary morning for us. The teachers were in awe and the children were inspired. There is “reading a story” and then there is a story read by Layn. Because the characters were hers, she brought them to life in the way she imagined them to be, and with voices and intonation she intended them to have – absolutely genius.” Karen Burgin, Reception class teacher, Hampshire

“Layn was brilliant with the children. What I really liked about her session was she engaged the children with her story, and that way the children were more attentive, and also felt they were taking part with the characters. After the story session there was a craft activity which was a bonus…the children were able to take their craft work home with them.” Deep Hunjan, Community Librarian, Birmingham

“A Very Strange Creature was brought to life by Layn Marlow’s reading and my class were captivated by her demonstration of how she drew the animal characters. They had a wonderful time creating their own animal pictures with Layn’s enthusiastic and encouraging support. All children were very proud of their finished work and many of them decided that they would like to become illustrators when they grow up!” Paula Teeling, Year 5 teacher, London

Childrens book author Layn Marlow frequently shares the magic of storytelling with school children around the world.VisitVisitVisitVisit